Joshua Ray Jongema (le_veritas) wrote in wizened_wigwam,
Joshua Ray Jongema

To The Lions In The Kingdom,

Where to start? I suppose I've been quite the thorn in all of your paws, but I've come to you to beg your pardon. I've come to realize that your ways are, in fact, the more respectable of the two ways. I won't join you, and I will still attempt to free the Unicorns from your grasp, but I want you to at least understand exactly why we are going to battle before we go to battle. This way I can make those of you who decided to give me a chance neutral against me. If you give me a chance you will find that I am actually quite the machine. In fact, I am such a master machine that I decided to use my efforts for the greater good, which I attest is Jesus the Christ. I want not only to tell you this, and continue to advocate what I do, but also to give you my reasoning so that you may be freed from our polarity before we engage in any combat at all. The pen is mightier than the sword.
I wanted to conclude with a great reasoning for your very benefit.
Just think about it long as it takes.
Everything in the world revolves around the idea of Jesus' divinity.
That's it, that's all I've got. However when you think about it, it has to account for something doesn't it?
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