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Palden Gyatso on Tibetan Olympic Hunger Strike

Palden Gyatso, one of Tibet’s longest-serving political prisoners, and two young Tibetan men are on a hunger strike in a tent outside the Turin Olympic Village in Italy, to call attention to China’s oppression in Tibet. Earlier today the hunger strikers were met by a delegation sent by the International Olympic Committee who assured them they would raise the issue of human rights in Tibet during the closing press conference on Sunday. This action, organized by the Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibet Support Groups, has received significant media and public attention in Italy but also needs international support.

Palden Gyatso, who is in his mid-seventies, was a young monk when he was first arrested and imprisoned for peaceful, pro-independence protests in Lhasa. After 33 years of imprisonment, beatings, interrogation and solitary confinement, the Chinese authorities released him in response to immense pressure from other governments and Tibet supporters in the global community. After escaping to exile, he traveled the world, spreading
the truth about China’s occupation of Tibet and oppression of Tibetans. With his raw honesty and clear memory, he has inspired compassion, courage and a burning concern for Tibet in countless students and people in the West. Many of us in the Tibet movement today can trace our involvement to the time when we first heard Palden speak or read his story - "Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk," also published as "Fire Under the Snow."

Send a message of support to Palden Gyatso, Sonam Wangdu and Tamding Choephel and read more about the hunger strike here:

Send an email to the IOC and Chinese government calling for change in Tibet:

Read more about Palden's life:

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