Joshua Ray Jongema (le_veritas) wrote in wizened_wigwam,
Joshua Ray Jongema

My Opening Presentation

Hive consciousness takes effect when multiple parties involved in a sociological interaction are programmed with interchangeable code. By engage oneself in polarity is to engage the opposite pole. To change sides is to still exist in the same cyclical schism. When an individual takes oneself out from the polarity, they find only grander polarity to become acquainted with. Such an endeavor proves fruitful in that the individual learns about oneself before being able to commit to action. Such aspiration builds character. By using character to your advantage you may find that action requires preparation. Preparation requires skill and dedication. Both are observable qualities. Some qualities are inobservable.

How does one attain a perspective to rid oneself of polarity? The answer is that one must choose either side. Yes, it is so, for to die empirical is to escape the protocol of empiricism- that one should acquire more information before choosing. So how does that help you make the choice? It doesn't. It just means that there must be a choice made- only one. It may take you all your life to choose it, but it will always be there for the choosing- like a door that remains unopened, which must be opened to access what is behind.
How does this help you in particular? It might not. We are born into sin, and must pay the penalty which is death. The thing which is extended to you is eternal life, in the form of a fruit, which is the fruit of the tree of life.
Eat this fruit...Here! It's the Fruit. It's Jesus! Eat it, which is to learn, and you will have eternal life. That is the promise of the Almighty in Genesis, and the promise of Jesus fulfilling that covenant- "This is my covenant with them, that I will take away their sins." Romans 11.
For oneself to attain a self exploration whereas they aspire to communicate with God, the only way this is possible is by angel or by communion with oneself. Technically, both are useful, but we commune with ourselves every time we think. We commune with angels or we don't, and it is obvious when we do or it isn't. My point is that, for one to ask themselves a question and come up with truth they must inevitably know what the Almighty God knows. This is the only way to adjoin to the reality that the Almighty is aware of. I say, this is tricky, and nobody can really do it..but there is help for us. The Word, which is the Bible, is the Almighty's instruction to his Children- the Israelites. Romans 11 gives us the key to the fruit of the tree of life, and to attain that we must accept and join the children of God. We may be of a foreign tree, but we may be grafted on to the tree of life. Though we may get cut off, for transgression against life, we may be put back again just as suredly. Never lose hope, and even when apart from that tree there is hope for your return. Remember what your purpose is and you will not falter.
The penalty for having lived is death. The price was paid by Jesus, and if we adjoin to Him we are saved. How to adjoin to him, there are many ways. All roads lead to Him.
With that said, those same roads lead to His impostor, what we like to call antichrist.
Many people don't understand antichrist, saying it is everything and nothing. Let's not confuse the issue- antichrist is everything which replaces Christ. Therefor there is Another Tree. The only other Tree which was shown in the Garden as being bad was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
There are ones who consume from this tree endlessly, but refuse to eat of the Tree of Life. They are learning and it is good, but what do they learn, and how do they go about it? Do they intend to make a choice, or was the fact forgotten?
This has been for all those Lost Ones out there. You know who you are. There are many who have already chosen, and their commitment shows. Let's show them what the tree can do. Let them try to take us when we are at home. ;)
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