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Variety of world-saving clickables:

* Defenders of Wildlife Fathers' Day e-cards, beautiful pictures of wolves and information on preserving the species :

* Congressmen Christopher Shays (R-CT) and Peter DeFazio (D-OR) have introduced H.R. 5557, the Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act, legislation that would require that animal producers who supply meat, dairy products, and eggs to various federal programs — the military, federal prisons, school lunches, and others — to comply with moderate animal welfare standards.

The basic animal welfare principles outlined in H.R. 5557 would require that producers supplying the federal government provide farm animals with adequate shelter and space, daily access to food and water, and adequate veterinary care. Additionally, producers selling animal products to the federal government would not be permitted to starve or force-feed animals, leave sick or injured animals to languish without treatment or humane euthanasia, or confine animals so restrictively that they are unable to turn around and extend their limbs.

In introducing H.R. 5557, Rep. DeFazio stated,“Increasingly, Americans are demanding we treat farm animals more humanely. As a major buyer of farm animal products, the federal government can and should help lead the way, encouraging more humane practices.”

Contact your U.S. (not State) Representative and ask that s/he support H.R. 5557, the Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act. To look up the name and contact information for your U.S. Representative, visit or and simply enter your zip code.

For more information, contact

Text of the bill here (very short, very simple and self-explanatory, common sense):

* Great group working to petition governments to help refugees by allowing them to work and develop skills/become self sufficient in the countries they now find themselves:
They have a few easy clickables too - and I was reading through their stuff this afternoon, would love to get involved in some type of program where I get to meet and work with people from other countries. I was a conversation partner for Taiwanese and Japanese students in college and very much enjoyed the experience.
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