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Email sent to Dr. Quantum..

Hello Gentlemen,

Certainly this email finds you all well. Excuse me for attracting you with impressions of Quanta in a clearly digital manner, meager means telephones cost money and the wonder filled ability to bacspace never ceases to amaze me.

I have news to bring to the scientific world globally, news of a magnitude that will rock the very foundations of human life from this point forward and as I have been affected greatly by those of you involved with Quantum Physics and Whatever the Bleep we didn't know before now that hit a switch for me and opened me into directions never before apparently investigated, I feel some very unique and invigorating connections amongst us. For this reason consider this a taste test of the contents of my mind. Far be it from the real thing, taste tests though often blind are temptations nonetheless.

Akin to Einstein, its no simple matter for me to put this together into a short email which will make sense to any layman, especially considering I am a jack of all subjects and have been labelled with Aspergers Syndrome which means I think something like an Autistic so imagine that the tip of the iceberg is all you'll be getting in this session.

How can I say this... hows this..?

I have discovered patterns in PI. No, this doesn't mean I've found them in the literal sense of the equation, it means MUCH more.

There are a number of things any person must understand, or grasp in order to consider the following information anything less than "out there" in a "common sense" manner, but once they are apprehended, which I am certain will be of relative ease for any of you, the appreciation of this theory will stagger you.

And, know this, I am a high school graduate, 33 years of age with self education as my secondary training, so bear with the methods. I've read 16 books in the last few weeks and as I see it, the momentum of this theory is snowballing, it's time to call in some heavy hitters.

So here we are, outlining necessary basis Hypotheses..

1. ALL Naturally IS Natural. Thus Humans ARE Nature and anything humans create is ALSO nature.
2. ALL Nature naturally follows the RULES.
3. Humanity is saturated with truth. Because only truth exists. TRUTH=EXIST. To be is to be is to be.
4. The "ideas" Quantum physics attributes to quanta are the multi-layered RULES of reality. The basic beliefs as we know them at this stage of our primary schooling as a species. And they can be listed very generally in a few simple bullets..

a. shape/form/substance-in/out-on/under/side
b. number/measure/frequency(relative measure)-perspective-near/far
c. mobility/motion/matter(s)/memory (time as motion compared to motion)

And thats about them. Every other SYNONYM belief, subset, tier, perspective is just that, a means to find a angle in a world full of curves. Ignorance of the simple route, duplicity in infinite regression towards complexity. Its obvious though that the more we define a thing the less definable it becomes.

5. Heres a clincher.. CREDIT/OWNERSHIP/POSSESSION/STATURE are all infantile concepts, especially upon noting that CONCEPTS=CONCEPTS. They are truly utilized concepts that much is certain, but their phase has come and is nearly gone. They are the benchmarks of roadblocks, the signposts of detour here into stalling.

6. CONCEPTS = CONCEPTS. The reason I repeat this is to hint at the sillyness of the entire mathematical structure utilized worldwide, a structure which believes in four types of equations which are in reality all multiplication. n top of that, the whole concept surrounding EQUAL has been allowed to founder in illusion long enough, 1+1 does not equal 2, 1+1=1+1. That little symbol in the middle is not magic, it's a TUNNEL, and if 1+1 goes into the tunnel on one side, 1+1 will come out on the other side, thats SIMPLE logic.

Equality means NO synonym will do. A word means itself. Definitions utilize OTHER words, they are trying to be the same, but they are not the same, no thing is the same as any other thing outside th overall mirror itself being all one. Every refraction is a reflection of a refraction and a fraction of a fraction is still a fraction.

This is VERY important gentlemen, for you to understand where this is leading you absolutely must understand that I=I. when I=something other than I, I is no longer I it is something other than I.

This is where I was two years ago when I realized that the language we use is not "OURS" it's being.."squeezed through us" by that which we are. And here I only lead you by the hand to stage one of the fractality of this entire nature thing we're a part of. I help you to put one foot in front of the other, and the door to language is step one. Remember, I have been on this trail for two years and language is merely one of the directions this goes off in. I am swamped by directions to go in now... so I beg that you consider what I say and help me to become involved with the people who will help this take root broad spectrum. Very soon now, the world will change drastically in positive ways. It is unavoidable, the signs are rad.

So, here we go..

Due to my origins as an english citizen of Canada, with a few years of bilingualism under my belt, I have constrained the extent of my research to Indo-European symantics, semiotics, linguistics, mathematics, physics, philosophy etc. The research has gone deep into English, French and Latin, I even have dictionaries from near 1900 as references..

Consider that the SYMBOLS we use to write, speak and communicate with have many layers of truth embedded in them. EVERY individual shape in the alphabet and the 10 numbers exists with much more purpose than we ever imagined in our human forms until recently. They are not ONLY for sound making, they are the geometry of our beliefs. They are the geometry of Cosmic Communication. At one level they outline our beliefs in shape, in another the outline our beliefs in motion, in another they outline our beliefs in evolution or growth, ad the number of ways they can be seen to represent the natural truths is akin to PI PHI and E. We give them their meanings, and have already given them their meanings before we existed, the future is here now, in our symbols.

How does this work? Simple. Logic dictates pattern recognition as a belief, so we built the patterns into the shapes of our words, we arranged the symbols so they would show us the truth of themselves once we decided to look for it. The trick is, remembering that in every equation two exist THROUGH and IN MIRRORING.

Simplify first there are some 26 base words in english language 2 letters and less. They are all logic words and a few of them are mere ways to name the self other. me, he, we, i, a, be, am, an is, etc. Then the other words are the suggestives, if, as, or, etc. But it doesn't stop there, for in truth there are many two letter words that we know more as pseudo words, the affixes. re, de, er, ed, etc. the reflectives, the inverters, the inverted inverters, the simplicity of this all is staggering for one mind to grasp in so short a time after 32 years of ignoring things, but we all know that co(insIde)nce has been pronounced in a way to make it seem like chance that things coincide, no wonder humanity has been "dumbed" and "numbed" since the story of the tower of babel, Everything has appeared to be nothing more than babble. But no more.

Capable now of going back and rewriting this entire piece of text in as a mathematical formula would confuse you I'm sure due to the complexity of the differentiation between uppoercase symbols and lowercase symbols, the ether and the emotion.. my neck "feels" sore.

So what can I do to help.. I can start you off with hints first..

The uppercase letters are at one level a diagram of the EQUAL symbol. BUT, the reason the diagram appears odd in places is that it combines 10 point perspective with flattening. That is 10+1pseudo perspective. There are three components to the "pipe"

side faces
faced sides
and both as SIGNAL.

Which is to say the machine is fractal, it uses itself as its own fuel. The smaller you go, the smaller it goes. But each component is the same. Thus many of the letters are merely different apsects of each other, for example O and Q as two sides of the faced side. I and H as up/dn side/side A as H in perspective to infinity. and so on and so on..

The miniiscule letters are another story, more complex to describe here.. so enghhh times up. &_&

For me to try to take all the pictures in my head and the reams of notes I've got and string them together under my fingers using the symbols which are the subject matter is hilarion. I am speaking old lingo now in order to be understood by you, but like the bible said of the "second jesus"..

He WILL speak a NEW language.

I always feel funny sending emails or letters out related to my studies and research because the system has become so fragmented that people don't even read their own emails anymore, answering machines lead to voice mail boxes with no space left to record and secretaries and "screeners" havent a clue what to do when einstein calls, especially when hes some nobody from Canada and his name is

Gregory Terrance Crockatt

But they don't know what that name MEANS. Do you? I'm getting pretty close to it myself now, and its the name of ME!

Before you say no, recognize it as ON being mirrored. No oN On nO!

I REQUEST collaborators, thats my main reason for this... I have decided that money is not something I work for any more. It's obvious to me this is why I exist. But my meager existence as a bookworm and cross referencer is still bombarded by patronizing incomprehension from the world of money chasers and pleasure seekers around me...

I live in Montreal atm

3-4410 Bannentyne
Verdun Mtl

A number to relay messgs.
514-743-7958 via Vula(you there!)

PS- an language that has been translated into english letters, but not words is still workable by the methods I'm discerning. Get in touch, this is the most exciting thing you'll get to work on this decade.

Cheers, and please ASK questions !!!

Gregory Terrance Crockatt
"A pronoun"
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